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Getting your driving license is not so easy. While you can learn yourself and pass the theory test, it seems unlikely you can do the same with your practical driving test. To pass it successfully, you will need to find an approved driving instructor (ADI), and a good one that you should be particularly careful about your choice. The quality of tuition your instructor is able to provide is one of the keys to your success at the driving test. When it comes down to searching for a qualified driving instructor, there is no need to rush on it. The aim of this post is to help you to give some valuable insights for choosing a good driving instructor. ADI is an Approved Driving Instructor. This qualification means a person has passed exams to be a professional driving instructor and is registered with the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). ADIs display their green licence (octagon) on the windscreen of their tuition vehicles. PDI stands for Potential Driving Instructor. They are licensed instructors under training who are allowed by the DVSA to provide training for payment. PDIs must display their pink licence (triangle) on the windscreen of their tuition vehicles.

Approved Driving Instructors are graded as Grade A or Grade B:
• Grade A - the instructor has shown a high standard of instruction and can stay on the ADI register.
• Grade B - the instructor can stay on the approved driving instructors register.
If on the test, the instructor fails to meet the Grade B standard they fail the test. They are then given two more chances to make the grade. if they fail, they are removed from the ADI register and so can no longer work as an ADI. A quality instructor should always:
• Give you an outline of the course
• Arrive on time for your lesson
• Explain in simple and understandable words
• Recap on your previous lesson
• Explain what you are going to do at the start of the lesson
• Demonstrate when you don't understand
• Assess your progress and give you feedback
• Praises you when you get things right
• Help you understand when you get things wrong
• Allow you to ask questions
• Tell you what to study before the next lesson
Finding an ADI is easy today. You can simply surf the web and you phone around until you think you got a suitable fellow. Nice etiquette on the phone does not necessarily mean that the guy on the other end is as good at teaching. The real testing comes during your lessons. The main five things you should consider for changing your instructor are :- Quick tempered, not doing enough driving after 4 to 5 lessons, not giving feedback (progress), attending mobile phone during lessons, doing piggy back lessons (taking next pupil before your lesson finishes). Hope this will help you in learning a very important life skill and finding a very good driving instructor for your journey towards getting your driving license and driving safely.

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